I just discovered that this is a real issue, and that I am not alone in my obsession thanks to this site. I have been MDing since middle school at least, I try not to count younger years because I believe most children (especially only-child kids) probably day dream often.
I dont plan on admitting the type of DDs I have but its been a habit of mine to create a senario whenever I like someone. someone I've met or someone I've seen and will never meet, I'll have the same set of 3 scenarios play out for months. if I lose interest in one person, another immediately takes place and starts the story over. I do it on my drives home, or sitting at my desk but I MUST do it in order to fall asleep. most of the time I want to nap just so I can do it. I've always been insecure about it, but since I discovered its name, Maladaptive Daydreaming, I have at least admitted it to my boyfriend who after years of dating had no clue.
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I'm exactly the same its scary how much this sounds like me. as I've gotten older its gotten better.

I do the same thing. A lot of days I spend the whole day impatiently wishing for the time it's "acceptable" to go to bed, so that I can just curl up and DD.