The character is myself. In my head I'm living the life I want, I have the body I want, the boyfriend I want, the hair, the job, the life, the friends, it even goes down to having the tattoos I want. I have names for the people I'm surrounded with. Some of them are celebrities but most of them are characters I made up. I've skipped class because some days I want to stay in my apartment all alone and have this play out in my head. The characters in my head are my only friends at times, and I can sit in the same spot for hours on end and just live the perfect life in my head. The more I see, feel, and do in that other world the more I can't stand the one I actually live in, there are days I feel trapped, like it's some kind of joke that I have my dream life in my head, but it will never be my actual life. I think that's what really scares me is that if I can't make this go away, I will never be happy in the real world. No matter how great life would become, it will never compare to the one I made up for myself. As much as I'd miss it when it's gone. I'd miss the people I've "met" the places I've "visited" the wonderful things I've "done", i'd trade it all away for a chance of being happy in my real life. So, far though I doubt very seriously I ever will. And I am still in college, if I have this for the rest of my life, it will be an awfully long time to not be really, truly happy.
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Wow!!! I'm like you!! :O But I do not worry about it much. I can adapt myself to the real world. However, I like my world more than the real one! :)

I can't agree more. ?