I'd like to know, what are your most frequent themes of daydream? And your most frequent triggers? Alcohol and energy drinks/coffee are a huge trigger to me and I daydream about Romance the most
RichardAndon RichardAndon
22-25, M
4 Responses Nov 26, 2014

My themes are mostly romance, action and drama/angst about anime and their characters from the shows I watch, music is a HUGE trigger for me but I can daydream without it also, and just being bored or stressed or sad can lead to me coming up with impossible scenarios/plot with my "characters" to cheer me up.

My themes mostly consist of violence(murder, suicide, rape, assault, abuse) and then casual sex, fame, acceptance, and prodigy. Triggers are practically anything: being alone, being bored, emotions(especially anger and sadness), music, movies, books, and monotonous work.

adventures, plots from different things I read, watch, and hear, my future, and just different ways things in my life could have gone. my triggers are music and basically all types of media~

Sitting in in math class triggers day dreaming for me. Every. Time.