Wow I am both shocked and relieved to see that what I'm going trough has a name...shocked because a part of me thought that everyone daydreamed in the way I did. But lately I have realised that it has gotten quite troubling. When I was younger the daydreams would often feature myself, sort of like a perfect life where my friends actually like me and where boys actually gave me attention. But now that I am older a lot of the daydreams feature fictional universes where I place a different(better) version of me in to the said fictional universe that I have an obsession with at the time. However I often have daydreams where I dream of the deaths of friends or family and how me and other people would react to them (often leading me to cry) which is just morbid, why would I ever want to dream about that? But I just can't help it. However I am very aware that these daydreams are not real. However I often find when something goes wrong or i am not happy in my real life, I tend to not care because everything is just how I want it to be in my daydreams. It has made me unfocused in school, and for the future in general. I also starts to daydream at random moments, it can be in the middle of a conversation, most often in class. Sometimes I take breaks from studying just so I can daydream. I itch to just turn on some music and daydream. And when I have first started it can be hard to get my concentration back. When I was younger I would often neglect to do other activities because I would rather be in my room and daydream, thankfully that has gotten better. But I wish I could just stop. And I thought about it after I learned that it was a mental illness, and I feel like it would be completely impossible to stop. Like my life would have no meaning at all if I could not daydream like this. And how scary is that???? That my life has no meaning without some stupid daydreams. What does that even mean for what I think of my life...and now as I am about to go to sleep I try to make myself not daydream. But I am pretty sure I am going to stay up all night if I don't. Daydreaming at night does not keep me up it actually makes me go to sleep. And it has sort of become my know if you can Get trough this day then you can daydream as much as you want before you go to sleep.

Well anyways that got long...I would love to speak with others who share this problem, so please send me a message if you want to talk!
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I just found out about the term MD recently as well and I was so relieved. I enjoy my daydreams and would be very scared if they stopped. I've had them my whole life so they're a part of my now. Although they do get in the way of my social life sometimes I still don't want them to go away all together. There are a lot of techniques you can use to cut down the dreaming which may help your schoolwork. I've also started taking SSRIs which has helped with the anxiety and dreaming. Lastly, it's not weird that you don't want the daydreams to stop. We've all had them for a long time so they've become a mechanism for us to cope and they're a part of our personality and how we view the world.

To be honest I didn't really view my daydreams as much of problem until I realised I had all the symptoms of MD. My daydreams used to be my happy place. And now every time I daydream I feel really bad about myself. And I feel like I'm doing something wrong...but still I can't stop daydreaming, which leads to me feeling like **** pretty much all the time. Because I feel like I shouldn't let myself daydream anymore, because I don't want to have this problem. But at the same time I would never want to give up my daydreams.

Personally I don't think that having something termed as a disorder is something to be ashamed of. I'm in college so I know tons of people with depression, anxiety, ocd, etc. It doesn't make you a bad person, just a little different which isn't always a bad thing. If you know someone with a disorder somewhat similar maybe you should talk with them about how you feel. But I'm also very fortunate because my MD doesn't effect my life in any extreme ways and the meds are part of that. I hope that helps.

Thank you, you've helped a lot:-)

Great! If you need to talk more just message me

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