I just found out that there is a name for what I thought was my own special kind of crazy. And even if I am crazy it is extremely comforting to know that I am not alone in my suffering and confusion, even if you all are technically strangers lol. I've always lived in my own world but the daydreaming has gotten so bad lately that the fantasy runs almost parallel with the real physical world. I know that the person sitting next to me does not exist anywhere but in my mind but it's so comforting to have him here. Only a week ago I crashed my car because I was too busy having an imaginary conversation with him to focus on the road. I never minded my imagination before as I can't bear to think of how dull my life would be without it but... I don't know. How do you focus?
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I thought I was a special kind of crazy as well. this is Why It's so important for people to .reach out. either by finding support online or through therapy or both. you are never alone in your struggle. there always someone going through the exact same thing.