I suffer from Maladaptive Daydreaming. It actually has a name. Until now I just called it my "overactive imagination about epic tales of cool characters from books, movies, and stuff". I guess MDD sounds better.

I never noticed my day dreaming tendencies until a few days which made me Google if it was normal. Turns out its not totally normal, but im not alone in it(which was a huge relief). My daydreaming has worsened since I broke up with my boyfriend( I know it sounds very stupid). Initially I used to space out and think of an alternate universe where I was good enough for him. But nowadays, I dont think about him alot (eat that, *******). My dreams now focus on whatever TV show or book im reading. I add so many details and characters and plot twists to my story, it creeps me out sometimes.

Songs and an idle mind are triggers for me. Any song plays and I get lost in my thoughts. Two minutes of silence is the cue for my brain to continue my dream. I can control it so it doesnt affect my studies. To be honest it can be a blessing in a slow physics class...

I have not told anyone about it. Not my friends or my family. Infact, my sister is sitting a metre away from me and has no idea about it. I dont want to be embarrassed about it, but I am. I, myself, find it weird how many stories I can spin in my head, especially about fictional characters. I wonder how others would react.

I want to have control over my MDD. I dont want it stop completely. I dont think of it as a disease. I think of it as a gift. An imagination is never a bad thing. I know I can put it to good use. But, I need to embrace the MDD fully first. So I am going to start now by saying "I dont 'suffer' from Maladaptive Daydreaming."
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Have to considered that you are also an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) or, more possibly and Indigo Child?
MDD is really common, in fact, I catch myself often drifting off into a world unbeknown to human kind, but one I built myself.
It does become somewhat difficult to control, but when it becomes completely overpowering, it is due to myself not being mentally stimulated within my environment around me.
I can't have a normal 'small talk' conversation with people, like: "How's work, how's your dog, blah blah" - SHOOT ME IN FACE RIGHT NOW. I prefer challenging people, seeing their true inner selves and sponging information off of them, like daily life coping mechanisms or how they carry out tasks etc.
It's about relating to people and when I don't, I'm off to my world for a few hours. Embrace it. Not many people have it even though it is somewhat common, they just don't realize it.

Much love.