Hi everyone! I'm totally new here,just signed up and all that because i found out about MD just yesterday and i really wanted to talk about it with someone.Well here's my story: I think i've been daydreaming since i was 15 or 16?! but not everyday maybe every month or something when i would feel alone. BUT for the last year or more,i daydream EVERY DAY. At first i thought it was normal,but i realised that something isn't right. i'm 22YO , i usually daydream of a better life that i might have,living somewhere else,being a famous celebrity,having a relationship with a famous celebrity,leaving every moment like it's real life,even crying sometimes when something bad happens in my daydreamings.I find myself not to want to go out just to live my daydream.It feels so nice,like it's real. But,i guess there are many solutions.For example setting a life goal and trying to have that life for real,i don't mean being a celebrity,but having a nice job and living abroad,which is a life dream to me. I have NEVER talked about this to someone,it's the first time, i'm really embaressed talking about that and i didn't even want to admit it. But admitting it and trying to cut it it's a progress,right???? Maybe trying to keep my mind busy by doing something else is a nice solution,watching a movie,reading a book,going out,really helps me not to daydream.SORRY FOR THE LONG POST GUYS,and hang in,we have each other :)
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Thanks for sharing this. Daydreams and imagination are ok to a point, but when they start ruling your life, it can become a problem. It's good to have dreams and goals to work toward, but not to the detriment of the life you have right now. Everyone has those moments of "what if" thinking about things in their lives they wish were better - and sometimes that can help inspire people to improve their lives and, like you said, work toward a goal that they'd like to achieve. Just make sure that you're not doing that and ignoring the gifts you have here and now, and the people and places around you right now. You might find this article helpful: http://bit.ly/1P7Fre4
The author talks about a similar situation to yours, to an extent. He has some good things to think about. I hope this helps! You might also want to look into counseling if this is something that's really affecting your day-to-day life. Blessings, friend!

what a beautiful respond! Thank you so much,really! you made my day !
hope you'll have a nice day! xx

i dont know why but i think i have the same thing because sometimes i just want to stay home from school take long 4-5 hour baths just so i can daydream. me and my sister share a room and when shes not home i just lay on my bed eyes closed and daydream. i never knew their was a thing for what i was doing i just do it. all day sometimes in school i just cant focus on what im doing so much that i forget when people are talking to me and i dont even hear the bell ring .