I didn't even know there was a term for what I've been going through. I daydream everyday. I daydream in class, when I'm headed to school on the train, and before I go to sleep. My daydreaming is kind of pathetic. Most of the time I daydream about what I wish i was like. Beautiful, smart, outspoken, and confident. I'll watch a film or music video and see a beautiful man and Imagine myself being in a relationship with him. Sometimes I lock myself in my room, listen to music and just daydream. Sometimes, i'll get up and start dancing with my eyes closed. The weirdest thing is i'll even start a conversation with myself, imaging that i'm talking to the people in my dreams. I'm in a whole new world. A world where I'm happy and comfortable in my skin. I honestly love it, because it's the only thing that makes me feel good. I'm also ashamed that my life is so horrible that I have to daydream. I guess daydreaming is my way of dealing with my depression. What's it like for you guys?
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I'm literally speachless...you took the words right out of my mouth, I experience it the exact same way.

Wow this hits home for me. I do the same thing always pretend that I am the guy who is the star in the song I'm listening to. From my personal experience, stop this because you want to pretend that this your life but it's not. Maybe it's not harmful to you. Like I said this is just my personal experience from dealing with depression. I I stop and remember that these people or situations I'm imagining are not real. Furthermore why am I not focusing on making my real life better, how can I do that, what can make me happy? I started being positive, reading self help articles online, bought some books and made some positive impacts on my life. (let me know if you want the links)

I have the same issue, I feel helpless although I tried to stop :( can you send me links if you don't mind ?