I love it to be honest. I think for me it's been more a beautiful gift than a curse. :-)
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It's funny. Now they call it maladaptive day dreaming. When I was a kid they simply called it not paying attention or goofing off.
I too am a dreamer. I think all who like to write must be dreamers. Unless it's writing a math text book, imagination is a must for writers. Daydreaming is the biggest part of the creative process.

Yes. You are talking to an old daydreamer. Love it. It's the reason I am NEVER bored. I like living in my own mind. It's a very interesting place to be.

daydreaming is fun and normal but when it gets in the way of your real life and you can't control it, then it is maladaptive

Ah. I understand. I guess I'm just a dreamer. Never got in the way of my real life. Except in school. I preferred my dreams to algebra.

Not sure what to say XD