you ever do something really weird and you wonder if other people do it to? but your to embarrassed to ask?
because you don't feel what you do is normal?
I never day dreamed really until I hit the age of 5 or 6 it wasn't even constant at first just anytime I was grounded I would just sit and try to entertain myself and so one day I decided to daydream I was so bored.
I don't know if doing that is what led me to cope with things by daydreaming.
(my child life had a lot and I mean a lot of problems family, mom, bullied etc)
but looking back I relised when bad stuff would start to happen I would just day dream to block it all out
I'd go sit in the yard or my room or even go on a walk.
eventually it got to the point I'd start to pace in my room back and forth.
just daydreaming it went from coping to just a usual thing.
I'd lock my door so nobody would walk in on me doing it.
at that point I knew it was an odd thing and I was clearly ashamed of it.
and today is the first day I've tried to no daydream. and it's been the most depressing day of my life
I feel ridiculous for feeling g like I NEED to daydream.
I'm ashamed.
I want to get help but since it's not officially accepted as a disorder idk how to get help.
I can't tell my family because their to closed minded
can't tell my friends because it's to embarrassing
of all disorders I had to be the one to
be addicted and depend on daydreaming...
how would anyone NOT look at me like I'm psycho ...
dreamaddict96 dreamaddict96
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2 Responses Mar 29, 2016

I know its hard not to daydream (trust me, I know. Ever since I found that this is a real thing, I've been giving myself certain times to daydream and not daydream and its HARD) and I know it can be embarrassing, but it really helps to tell a friend. I don't know you, but I know that this is no reason for someone to look at you like you're a psycho. If you don't want to tell a friend, talking to people here can be just as helpful. It'll all work out in the end

I do weird **** all the time but that's because I'm a goofy *** lol