Isuffer From Mental Illness

I had this problem my whole life and I think every one that does not admit it suffers also I am from Syracuse New York and 3to5 years ago moved to Harrisburg Pa. I am are covering alcoholic and drug addict I'm 43 years old and exspienced every form of abuse there is thats not who I am any more I have been sober from alcohol for over13 years and just quit weed for good a couple of mounths ago cold turkey alcohol was my worst problem. I used these as medication for a long time. I also been in therapy for over 13 years hey it really helps and what I noticed is you have to want this more than any thing else in your life. When I was in AA the one thing alot of people over look is how simple we really are and that goes for all walks of life all around this great big rock we live on I am going to be writing a a book pretty soon about my life and all the neg's and pos's about me I lbeled Bi-polar with no deppression. I over came the deppression threw knowledge and applied tools I learned in therapy then I learned about manic phasaes and all the other things about my label I call it. I can tell you write now there is no such thing as normal at all I in my entire life have never met a perfect person and as long as I live I know for a fact never will unless god comes down here here is a tool adam and eve messed up and they were the first to and to the aithest hey those cromagnom men where do you get profection from them. I threw all the work I have done in recovery came to believe and exsperience is this the closest thing to perfection and to make this world a much better place is simplicity and nothing else!!! 

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simplicity bro.also to know " who am I ?*" identity crises .you have to find yourself compose yourself and release yourself.well .just find can be a hero!simplicity