Who Can You Trust?

I've encountered a few malicious demented members that created countless profiles to do harm. My circle has been infiltrated by one which then caused me to clean out 100+ friends from my circle. I'm so weary about adding anyone nowadays. Every new request I get I check out thoroughly & for a long period of time before I consider adding them. Have to be careful & be on guard from those few evil sociopathetic individuals. Learned my lesson.
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I totally feel you. This is my second attempt at an EP account. The first time around I was naïve. I came here with a problem then had some that I started talking to. There was one that caused me to question being on here. I would tell them things then I would get a PM from someone else that would attempt to start a conversation regarding information that I told that other member. Some were even a different gender than the original member. I started to feel violated on here. However, I did meet some great members that helped me with a major issues I was having. That's why I didn't stay gone. I think there are genuine good people; I mean if I'm one there has to be others. I'm going to be very careful this go around.

You are right, people will do this. The Manti Te'o story highlights the length that people will go through to create a fake profile and create an entire life around it. There are people on EP who do this to the point of obsession, they are obviously drawn to it.

Is there a virtual "Knee them in the goodies" button?

I wish. And a "I'd like to take you to bed" button ;)

Ohhhhh I so want that button

i am glad i did not have to go through this yet. but i treat every profile adding me separately, i am sure i may have a couple of profiles belonging to the same person but the profile that do harm is the one that gets blocked, i only blocked one so far.

I feel your pain on this. I just gave up trying to figure it out. I figure if they are gonna try to wreak havoc then I can't stop them. I do understand where you are coming from though because I have been hurt by someone with multiple profiles. (after I blocked them)

There's always those few party crashers who like to ruin everybody's good time. It's a shame.

It is a shame. I was just writing another post complaining about something similar. And it is a minority that use these profiles to attack others.

Very true. Most member. Are good people.