How It Began

I had a car accident 10 years ago...and as I was a typical college student, I had no health insurance. I had hit another car, hit the right side of my head on the window and blacked out. When I came to, the car I had hit had driven down the road and pulled off and parked at a parking lot and had called the cops. I managed to find them (just followed the initial trail of broken glass and the direction they had been traveling in). To make this shorter, I didn't get help then.

I have since dealt with migraines, short-term memory loss, concentration and attention span difficulties with a myriad of other things I never had a problem with before...and I am now just 32. The problems started within months of the accident and have progressively gotten worse.

This past April I was finally hooked up with a neuro-psychiatrist and he diagnosed me with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and started treating me with Topamax. It has helped with some of the issues, but also uncovered some other things, leading to seizures, specifically Complex Partial Seizures. I had one in May, he increased the dose, I had a bad on in the beginning of July that resembled a stroke (didn't go to hospital even in Canada...I just was scared), but after 3 days of constant dizziness I finally went. 

Now the beginning of September, I am on 3 anti-convulsants, my recent seizures being this past Thursday and the Saturday before that. The newest anti-convulsant is to help the constant aura state I am in. The seizures were coming in extreme stress situations, which was alleviated by sick leave and stay at home (even birthday parties, bbq's and the like is too much and I'll have a seizure or extreme aura's). 

Yesterday was a wedding of a friend. I knew for the most part it would be calm until the dancing. Didn't know how bad the thumping would get...instant nausea and my head slowed down. I had to go, which just killed me. I'm wondering if the dream I put on is a correlation...I feel like a part of me is gone forever. I would have normally been dancing all night long with the hubby...I cannot even handle the music.
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3yrs ago....nearly same accident. Had seizures daily, then weekly, then monthly, then ever 6weeks, then sporatic. I don't get the auras....which I did. In my case they are complete blackouts. I continue walking or doing what I was doing or freeze/slump - but when I wake up I am lost and confused. Sometimes is takes a while for me to figure out where in the world I am, so I don't like to leave home without company and working has not been possible. I saw a neurologist, 3 psychologists, eye and ear solution. I have less when I sleep a lot and don't interact....but that is what has got me really down. I want my life back. Every few months I pour more money into trying to find a new solution and I am coming up blank and being told to adapt to a new me. The new me is embarrassed to be in public and afraid of being mugged. My friends are mostly in the dark because I only see them on my terms (after long naps and in high spirits, once every few weeks). I don't want to loose them, but when the conversation turns towards health they all want to run - but its hard to come up with enough excuses for why I am going to sit something out.