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Hey everyone. I am new here! My name is CJ, I am 18 years old, and I am a female. I have been experiencing night terror type symptoms since I can remember back on my sleep patterns; I have always had problems with sleeping, or rather my lack thereof. I was never formally diagnosed because of my mother's lack of support in taking me to a sleep lab, however my doctors have always been concerned because of my insomnia and my being scared to sleep. I have had several different horrifying dreams, but there are two that always come back, however they have become less frequent now. One terror that I had a few months back luckily was only one night only, which was quite enough of a scare. I looked over at my clock which said it was 3:05 AM. I sat there looking at my ceiling, recalling the events from my day. I then looked up because someone had entered my room without knocking. I said, "Mom what are you doing?" and there was dead silence. So I then sat up and blinked and the woman was all of a sudden at the side of my bed. I started to scream as she looked at me with a bloody eye ball and scratch under her left eye ands he reached down for my throat. I kicked and hid under the remaining covers on my bed shaking in fear and crying. I lifted the covers and my door was still open and my covers on the floor, but there was no woman. My dad rushed out of his room yelling and was wondering what just happened but I couldn't breathe enough to talk to him. I looked at my phone and the time was then 3:13. I deal with my dreams by not sleeping whenever I can and keeping at least one light on in every corner of my room, and I never sleep in the full darkness. I really do not know what I could to stop these evil things.
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Honey, have you ever considered yourself to be psychic. You can see things others can't. It's a gift!

I know this may sound insensitive, but I envy you. Nightmares are so much fun for me, I've had some where I've been sleep paralyzed and could feel and hear whispering around my dark room. But the ones you're describing sound downright diabolical. You're all basically communicating with the dead, the astral realm. Just remember the beings contacting you like that way are doing so because of the way you respond to their attack. You resonate sweetly and they're attracted to that. The only thing I can tell you is to not be afraid, at any cost. Learn courage, step by step. Try to talk to them, belittle them or talk back to them and ask why they hang around you if it seems like you've provoked them. The most important thing in the world is not to fear them, they may eventually leave since they can't attach to your resonance like they used to.

I can understand what you are going through I am now 23 and I have been experiencing night terrors since the age of 12 in a similar fashion. I "wake up" in the middle of the night with dead people in my room looking at my or doing odd things. Recently I've been experiencing a lot of people in cages above my head.. I used to be afraid to sleep at night because who wants to wake up and see these horrible things? I can't tell you any magical cure but if you come from it in a rational mind try and tell yourself that what you are looking at isnt really there. Eventually or atleast with me I conditioned myself to relax when I wake up and just go back to sleep after seeing these things.

Ive had night terrors for a long time and i have also had a similar dream except the woman had bleach white eyes and made me kill my 15 year old sister. she visits me frequently with different "tasks" i'm trying something new called st. johns warts hopefully it will work<br />
-Allison K.

These night r real hard 2 sleep if there we see those crap evil thing. Of coz it also our fear that create it.So first stop thnkin of wat u had seen last night.A positive thinking that cn help u. Or there r real ghost wondering around u.

There are answers to this condition, I came from a backround of fearing to sleep because of the feeling of being pulled into a dark pit and tormented. It scared me so bad the only place I could turn was Gods Word and strong mentorship in this area. Today I am free and sleeping like a baby and waking refreshed and ready for whatever comes my way. My days now are the most awsome times in my life. My nights prepare me for what is ahead. Contact me and let me