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Hey all! This is my first story on this site, and I actually only came across it because I JUST had one of my terrors a few hours ago, and was looking for advice. I think we can consider this one a score!

I'm 22, a Musician and Artist by trade, and I have, as well as other things, always had night terrors. I am also one of the few who can vividly remember these. Though that doesn't seem to be anything new, after reading some of your stories. Though that makes sense really. You wouldn't be up all night writing about something if you didn't remember it would you? ;)

Joking aside, a fair few still remain with me today. Some are the more traditional sense, where I don't really remember much more than being petrified. An example of this once fell asleep on a bus (double decker) , and all I really remember is not being able to turn around through sheer fear, facing the front, knowing something was behind me, taking the voice of all my loved ones simultaneously and chanting, screaming at me. I remember, what ever it was, it's breath was hot. REALLY hot, like burning hot, and it had tentacles, because I remember them lashing up. I also remember looking at the front window of the bus, and seeing a distorted reflection of it. It was a ball, mostly mouth, from best I could tell. Kind of like Audrey II from little shop of horrors xD.

I may pull smiley faces now, but at the time it was rather embarasing to say the least. When I awoke a passenger was near shouting at me, asking if I was ok. He said I had been mumbling, talking in tongues, screaming a little and when not, just staring blank, right through him, no matter what he did. I still feel really bad for the passengers on that bus. They must of been petrified, esspecially that guy who tried to help me. I know none of them will be reading this but I'm so sorry and thank you to that dude who was calm and understanding throughout the whole thing.

I know this seems detailed but this is probably the fuzziest one I can remember, other than pure fear and nothing else.

One of my more detailed ones is the one I have most regular, and I have to admit, the one that scares me the most. As you read, you may come to understand why this one scares me so much, not because it is the same thing, but because it is different... every single time.

let me explain; This, as I said, is a re acuring terror I have, but it's not so much the events as the 'pattern'. The pattern goes:
1. I wake up, in my bed.
2. Either I'll get up to go toilet, or get a drink, or look around my room, or figure I've had enough sleep, like a perfectly normal wake up really.
3. Eventually something will catch my attention. A sound, something in the corner of my eye. Either that, or an event out of the place will happen. Something along these lines.
4. Regardless which of these, I'll go check it out or continue in the event until something something happens that gets to me.
5. I wake up, in my bed.
6. Repeat, in a progression of fear.
7. When I eventually awake, I can sometimes be found somewhere I am not supposed to be, adding to the startle.

I'll be caught in this loop, at worst, 20 + times. It kind of goes into ground hogs day mode, where I start to realise what's happening. The first 'sequence', if you will, where I realise what's up, the effects suddenly really pick up. Usually the reality distorts, or what ever I've called out melts, or disintergrates, or transforms, or something.

This example, before I begin, is not tonights one. I'll be honest, I'm not very comfortable about talking about it yet. It was a fair bit more disturbing than the example coming up.

I'll also say that this section contains information that it may not suitable for younger readers. Scenes of a sexual and violent nature are included. I've written in quite a toned down manner, but just to warn you, they are in here. Be advised ;)

Also, this isn't exactly the entire night's events, this is kind of the footnotes. So many sequences happened this night I can't possibly remember them all, but I'll do my best. I've used this one because it's a really goo example of the way night terrors affect me, and that's what we are here for, isn't it? =)

So, I wake up in my bed (this is at my parents house, a fair few years ago), and I decide I am really, really thirsty. So I head down stairs for a drink. I start walking down stairs, until I hit the 14th step (I'm Autistic and OCD, knowing how many stairs their are is important to me). This was odd because I have 13 steps, so I continue walking. I get to the 42nd step and I notice that I'm now in fact walking up stairs, but in the same direction. Keep in mind, that I am in sleep state, dream state. I'm very susceptible, and rather dim ;D. I continue up these steps, but then I notice that I've been flipped upside down, and I'm walking on my hands, up the stairs. The path spirals, and I feel my self spinning. This scares me a fair bit so...

I wake up in my bed. Startled and straight up. I look around and I'm relieved I just had a bad dream. I go to put the light on, but it doesn't work. I go to check in my wardrobe for a new light bulb when I look at a loose wire dangling from a shelve. I go to put it up when I notice it's a stretched out face, like in 'The Scream'. I jump back, and feel hands at my spine, I turn and...

I wake up in my bed. By now I'm getting a little worried, so I stay in bed. I hear planes outside. I look outside the window and I see bombs falling. I go to jump out of my bed to warn my family but fall flat on my face, because my legs are chained. I start screaming for my family, when my little brother passes through the closed door, ghost like, grins, and turns into a plane... demon... thing. I hear an explosion, and... well, I feel it, I won't go further into that one...

I wake up in my bed. Screaming this time. My (now ex) Girlfriend is there, and she comforts me. She calms me down after I explain it all and she tells me it's just a bad dream. I'm much calmer now. She kisses me and we get romantically involved. Not to go into too much detail, she's on top (I did say it gets risque). She says something that I know she'd never say, and I realise that she was never in the bed with me, she wasn't sleeping around that night. I tell her this, and this must be another dream, and she stops, dead. Silent. She screams and melts on top of me, her arms in my hands. I scream and...

I wake up, in my bed. By now I've cottoned on to what is happening. I keep screaming and the duvet gets tighter around me. The more I scream the more it does this, whilst figures dance on the ceiling, dangling marionettes and laughing. I sink deep into the bed and...

I wake up, in my bed. It is about here that a lot of the sequences are fuzzy. I remember trying to escape, trying to ignore, laughing it off, none of it to any effect. I remember seeing a lot of figures, and various animals (snakes etc), and some calmer ones like the first ones, where I have to find what's happening. Other than that, not much, until...

I wake up, in my bed. This time I head straight for the door, full speed. I'm getting out. I go to run down the stairs when I see my step dad in front of them, kneeling. I trip on him and fly down the stairs. I try to get up but I'm getting heavier and heavier with each breath. I notice I'm turning into melting rock. I head into the living room and my step dad is there again, kneeling. I go towards him, when I feel something turn me around and push me over him. I look up, and standing over him is something in the shape of a person... the only way I can describe it is a different shape of light... It has a blade for a limb... what I assume is a limb. It raises said limb and...

I wake up, in the living room. My body feels like it's been cut all over, I'm in tears. I fall to the ground and just cry it out (I'm man enough to admit it). I scream, but no one was in the house that night. When I regain my senses, I turn on all the lights, pick up the guitar and play, play the night and day away. I didn't dare sleep for a few days after that one.

One thing I have noticed is the only way I can consistently know if I am in the dream sequence or not, and that is the light. Everything will work normal if I try it (unless it's going to scare the heck out of me), but the light never works. If it is on, it stays on. If it is off, it stays off. Even if it changes anything, it does it wrong(changes colour, or the 'shape'... again not sure how to describe that bit etc). It's really the least scary way I can tell where I am.

I've not really found a set fast cure yet. I've tried standing up to them. This sometimes works but usually only in nicer ones. More like Alice in Wonderland ones, really, odd adventures or something. I've tried breaking the reality but, as we see from the ex situation, and as previously stated, that rarely goes to plan. It makes things very noticeable and painful, like because I've realised I'm mixed in two realities, I know feel more effect from it or something. The best thing I found is to laugh it off later. This story, for example, is now told any time the conversation moves into weird dreams, and honestly, usually gets a laugh.

Tonight's though... I'm not so sure. Me and my friends have a bit of a warped sense of humour but this?... I don't want to talk about it too much but I will say it's something I'm not happy with talking about for a long while.

Anyway, thanks for reading this, I hope it helps you in some way, if only to give you insight, or something to read whilst avoiding sleep too. I guess my morale (if their is one) is to remember that no matter how terrifying these terrors get, they are nothing but glorified dreams, and they can't ever really hurt you, unless you let them. What ever doesn't kill you...

Peace, much love, and all that.

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Ive had night terrors for many many years and I had way more when i slept alone . Like it knew i had no one there to save me. So sleeping with TV on keeps them away so far ...almost like they hear voices and think she has many others to protect her. Oh yeah! I got a glimps of him once...very 1st terror ever. I felt hot pungent breath and opened eyes first i saw his two legs on either side of my head. I was on floor propped a bit onto couch realizing he was straddling me as he sat on couch i couldnt move and he slowly leaned forward so i was inches away from his face. He let me know that he got off on my fear and stayed there watching me panic. Then he gently and slowly placed both hands on each side of my head almost romantically. Like he was going in for a kiss but instead stroked my head n hair as to sooth my fears . Then his mouth opened and whispered moving his head toward my ear. "ur mine" and i struggled awake screaming. I sat up where i fell asleep sweating. Then i heard two toilets in house flush at once and i cocered head with blanket. Praying it feeling so real. I couldhear him giggling in distance. I quickly jumped up and out front door running across street to friends house that had supervision and cried on my friends grandmas lap explaining. She told me it was a dream and to stay there til my mom got home from work. So i laid down on couch and she was watching wheel of fortune close by when i was paralyzed again. I felt like he was invisible laying on me holding e in place. Arousal like ... And i slightly turned head to the side seeing friends grandma facing ceiling with throat slashedmouth wide open. I was woke up by mom knocking on door. Real this time!
Ok he had scally legs with thick patches of plating over certain body parts. He had long claws on his human looking hands and was the color of red brick maybe or lil more brown. His body was unseen but his face... Whoo his face ok it had a long snout like a wolf and huge horns on either side of head pointing straight forwards his eye lids had same scales and wore a grin of satisfaction. He made a throttle like growlalmost like (Predator in swartzenagger movie). I could see ears under large based horns goat-like.
Oh the dreams i can tell! I could write a book.

What I have found that may help you is, upon realising you are dreaming, blink rapidly in your dream, as fast as you possible can.
Basically, focusing so intently on blinking in the dream realm forces you to blink in real life, waking you up properly and breaking the cycle and torment.

Just pray to Jesus. You night not be a Christian but please just try it. I've heard that a lot of people pray to him during these kind of experiences. You actually don't even have to pray if you can't talk. Just yell out in your mind Jesus and a I heard that it works. A lot of people said these figures are literally demons from hell messing with you. It's like the bully that wants a reaction out of you.

Good Luck, I hope you have no more of these things
God bless you

i have the something similar to a night terror. i am writing now because it just happened to me just like 10 min ago.

it started when i was going to the bathroom like everyone else does on a daily basis but i was in my bathroom in my dream state night terror and i closed my eyes for a second to wipe my eyes from waking up or something and when i opened my eyes lights were turned off. and all i could see is the door was closed and light was peering underneath it and than all of a sudden i feel my heart racing and i stand up and start walking toward to turn the light on. but by the time i get there i wake up in my bed thinking it was a dream. except when i turn to my left to get out of bed this sort monster that looked like a dog pushed against bed and pinned my left arm and half of my body but when i put my right hand on its mouth i felt that it wasnt real and it had laid on top of me and i was pinned and couldnt move. than i tried to yelling for help but couldn't for some reason because something else was in room that i didnt see that made my voice that i couldn't talk at all i dont know i was a little freaked out when i couldnt talk. and than calmed down in the night terror and relaxed for a moment and told myself that the terror doesnt control me at all i control the dream itself. when that happened i closed my eyes and woke up in my room. turned on light and now im on computer with heater on.

Peace and love


I also have night terrors. The last thing I remember is closing my eyes, but my friends say that I talk to them and respond to them until they tell me I'm actually asleep, then all the scary **** kicks in, I've almost ran into a forest trying to scramble away from something. It is also extreamy hard for me to wake up because if I say I'm awake and start doing something ( like talking or playing a game ) I will very shortly pass out and resume the night terror. I have no memory of any night that I had a night terror, and I am glad that I do not.

man hate when that **** use to happen to me but it sounds like youhave it worest.

I would just feel like I was laying in bed not a sleep id feel this weird feeling start at me feet and slowly creep up me and id start floating I couldn't move or scream no matter how hard I tried but as soon as id get to the roof id just drop back down I always thought it was real till I told someone about it and they said it was night terrors.

hi, i am a polysomnographic technologist student- and i am working on a short project that includes writing a brief anecdote about someone who has suffered from a parasomnia of my choice. i was reading your story and was wondering if you have maybe had a polysomnogram done for a diagnosis before? what you are describing actually sounds to me like REM behavior disorder which basically the difference between RBD and terrors is that terrors arise out of slow wave sleep and there is no recolection of the event, and RBD arises our of REM sleep and there is vivid recolection. and age- terrors are prevelant in children RBD is actually most common in males aver age 50 but can occur at any time during life but also can sometimes be treated!!! talk to your doc to see if you can get a referal for a polysomnogram to be done if you are diagnosed with RBD they can try treating it with clonazepam. - good luck - sara

I was plagued nightly for many many years until i fought back and no longer feared this tormenting beast. I realised it loved me and my fear in a way. So letting it have its way with me was the cure and it went away. Now it may come back once a year or so but i keep my strenth and i can fall asleep without fighting. U may think im talking about dream and not disorder but i know why these dreams happen. As a youth i did lots of meth and RARELY slept. And yes within second of relaxation i fall deep into REM sleep. Explains paralysis and dreaming with eyes open . I have researched this a lot. And understand its medical. I wont eat pills and let dr say im having a panic attack. But if its just screwed up sleep patterns why cant dreams be whimsical or happy? And why so many many people seeing same type of monster? Scary