Worst Night Terror

I am 18 years old and have suffered from many night terrors over these years, I used to get them very often when i was younger and I have gotten less and less since then. These experiences are extremely painful and frightening when they happen. I just wanted to write about a specific experience that I had last summer while I was on vacation with my girlfriends family. This was the most frightening and basically ridiculous night terror I had ever experienced. I was sick over the vacation, I had gotten some kind of bug, and I was very sick. So in the height of my sickness one night when I went to sleep I awoke about an hour after I had gone to sleep and walked to the bathroom, I could tell something was very weird when I was walking to the bathroom. When I started walking back to bed I had the worst and most painful feeling ever. I pictured myself viewing the entire world, everything around me, everything in existence on this planet being crunched up into a tiny mass, everything twisting and crunching together into a ball. The world had ended and I was viewing it from space. It was the most painful feeling and simply terrifying, like terrifying beyond anything I could ever imagine. I was somewhat still in the bedroom and still able to see the things around me, I did not scream like my other night terrors, I was frightened beyond screaming. I went to my girlfriends bed and woke her up still in this dream, but I could not see the world crunched into a ball anymore. I told her what was going on and tried to explain the best I could in a frenzied panic. She sat me down on my bed and tried to comfort me. This was a pretty long night terror, the terror probably lasted 10 minutes and it took me almost a half hour to calm down. Having her comfort me helped, I remember asking her to look out the window and tell me what she saw, she kept saying it was fine. finally i fell asleep and things got better. So there you go, thats the most terrifying night terror I have had.... comment and let me know if you have experienced anything similar. I have never heard of an experience this epic, It scares me to know this could happen again
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Hi there, my name is Dekota. I'm 15, and mine are alot worst. I'm not here to put you down or anything like that, i'm just telling you that your night terror's would be heaven for me. I had this one night terror not to long ago. I was in a field with my dad, and we were watching fish jump out of this large pond. We were holding hands and he kept saying "It's ok." But he was so calm about it. Then he looked down at me and smiled. Then some guy shot him in the back of the head. Then he turned and shot me in the head. I fell on my back but instead of hitting the grass, I landed on this rock like table. I remember sitting up and looking at this room filled with hanging bodies. One of witch being my mom, but the other's were close friends. They were all screaming, and I didn't know what to do. So I curled up in a little ball and cried. I also remember looking up seeing my mom drag herself towards me holding a bat with nails sticking out of it. I remember she had so much blood coming out of her mouth. I'm guessing she was trying to tell me something but she just kinda mumbled the whole thing. And then she hit me in the head with the bat. I rolled over on my side crying. I wasn't dead though, I was just lying there in so much pain. And then I woke up. I guess the worst part is, I feel everything in my dream. And when I finally wake up I have headaches, and back pain to the max. Ect, ect. So just sharing that with you, also thanks for sharing your really creepy dream.

Oh, I could also add what happened in the most recent one. I dreamed that I was sitting or lying on a bench on the side of a street. It was night and raining, and someone walked behind me. I looked at the figure and something happened. I don't know what happened but my entire body started to disintegrate into dust and air. I felt that terrifying feeling. It's hard to describe, but I can clearly point it out in my memory because when I think of it while awake and conscious, it makes my neck sensitive, my breathing deeper, and I feel like I'll cry if I think about it a lot.

I haven't had the exact same dream, but I can relate to that... "terrifying feeling beyond what I could imagine" thing. And the fact that you can be seemingly awake and walking around but still experiencing it. Last time I felt it was about a 8 months ago, and it's been quite rare for the last 7-8 years. But then I was age 7 to 12, I experienced something like that often. The dreams were sometimes different but were usually really abstract for me, and one key feature was being half-awake but still experiencing it.

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