Monthly Gift?

Ten days before my lovely gift shows itself, i will have consistent night terrors with each passing night. As soon as i have gone all werewolf (period is consistent with full moon), the terrors are gone until they come back within the next cycle.

It is super rare that my terrors will be out of sync!
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the time of menses is such a powerful time for a woman that the medicine men whom i have met won't allow a woman to attend sweat lodge or other ceremonies during that time of their month because they mess up the energies. i am wondering if your monthly experiences have something to do with this --- your other story about night terrors, along with some other things you wrote, made me think that you have greater than the usual sensitivity. i hope that, with meditation, you will see how to rid yourself of the bothersomeness of this.<br />
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meanwhile, it seems a good idea to tell you something told me by a lady experienced in yogic meditation. her "day job" was as a counselor and she felt that she was not as effective as she should be because she had never felt fear and couldn't relate to people who came to her with debilitating fear. one evening, upon sitting to meditate, her room was suddenly filled with a stench like rotting rats and she was overwhelmed with a presence that, in her mind, was satan himself. she said, "Fear? I was absolutely petrified. I now understand what fear can do to a person." I asked her, "Well? what happened? did Satan get the better of you? WHAT?" She said that she told the intruder into her reality, "You're not real to me. Go away." And it did. She said that the room suddenly was fresh as if windows had been opened letting in a cleansing breeze.

That is a very wise thing to do, to just know that the fear can go away when you don't feed it, i always spin myself up when i have fear. Since i started meditating, i have been witnessing all my minds works. When i spin myself up, i notice it, then i find a way to let it go. When i do that, the fear gets stronger, then slowly dies down; a calmness sets in.

"spin myself up." great term for something i've never really put in words.

ha:P The people in my life have always said "Your spinning yourself up, calm down!"

It would make me even more angry and scared; causing me to blame them!

Wow, I've never heard this one before...

are you being sarcastic or serious?

No, truly. Is it common to have night terrors (nightmares?) ten days before one has menstruation? I had no idea. Hormones are such a blessing and a curse at times.

yes they can! i have a feeling my night terrors will vanish when i get older. It happened with my mum too. She stopped having them when she turned 23. :)

Lovely gift..... I like how sensual you are.....