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Paralysis During Night Terror

Usually, i try to move and scream and shout out but i cant move or make a sound, the only thing i can move are my eyes, but there have been especially frightening times when i feel compression around my chest and neck (strangulation), which disturbs me for days and weeks.  sometimes i have woke up with a sore throat but i have never seen any other apparent marks on me like e.g. scratches.
Something is bothering me from an incident three nights ago.  normally people, including myself, see strange "black" figures in the shadows but there isnt much about white figures, especially little white figures.  we had been staying with a relative and i felt uneasy in the room we were in, actually i felt uneasy about the whole of the upstairs corridor of which our room connected.  anyway, on the second to last night i suffered the paralysis like stated above after this incident: it takes me about 3 hours on a good night to get to sleep, i lay trying to get comfortable but the humidity was making it difficult.  i usually make a type of cave with my duvet - i pull the duvet up and around my head like a wall and have done since i was little - but the heat was making this unbearable, i had to take my duvet barrier down which i didnt like doing.  so there i was laying unprotected from my duvet and a bit apprehensive about it as always.  then it came, it stood about 2 meters away from my head.  the moonlight came through the window and it picked up all of the creases in its shroud and hood but it wasnt black, it was white.  a white hooded figure about 1.2 meters tall, completely faceless, the oval in the hood was completely black where the face should have been, this was what surprised me about the contrast between the black faceless hole and the bright white of its robe.  i cant explain how detailed the robe was, it draped so definitely and smoothly that it looked as if it had been carved.  i only stared at it very briefly before closing my eyes shut.  it then took me a long time to get to sleep but i would not open my eyes, my arms were numb from staying in the same position but i was too scared to move, i was terrified.
since this night, as soon as i get to bed my eyes stay shut, i will not open them even though its been 3 days and im still scared to move.
if anyone has had experiences with white hooded figures i would like to hear about them, ive been trying to attach some meaning to it all but i cant find very much about it.
Thanks for listening.
PennySalt PennySalt 31-35, F Jun 3, 2012

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