Freaked Out

Im 43 years old
I have been having theses strange episodes when going to sleep within miniutes of closing my eyes, I feel im sinking into this weird helpless feeling, were something is trying to take over my body and it wont stop until Im spinning out of control, ie they try to drag me threw the woods at about 150km an hour ,getting wraped around trees until i cant take it anymore,and I scream out to my partner to help me but he says,he doesnt hear me when I wake my heart is racing Im shaking,and goosebumps all over me, I get up have a drink,Then within a few min of closing my eyes, Im sinking back into the terror but its a different situation,so intense ,even though. iM asleep I know whats happening I go with it to see how far I can go with it,but i cant take it and wake
Can anyone who has had this experience please talk to me, so I can work this out
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Sep 5, 2012