Night Terrors

Hi I'm seventeen and have been suffering with night terrors since I was very small. Often I jump out in my sleep and scream, I feel as though I have gained much more strength than normal during a night terror. I have tried to get out of the window, suffered injuries from running into things in the dark and wake up in a panic with my heart racing, however in the morning I have minimal recollection of what triggered it or what I was so scared of during the night terror. Just thought I'd share my story and see if any of yours are similar. :)
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I had night terrors as a child in which the dream was not so much of a dream but a feeling. I had a very hard time describing it to my parents. The only way I could describe it was feeling "small" like a balled up piece of paper. Even typing this now sends shivers up my spine. I have three other children that are grown now. One was a sleep walker and had night terrors. I now have a 9 year old that sometimes sleep walks but just recently had a night terror...I instantly recognized the "state" he was in and tried to comfort him. In the morning I asked him about it and he said " I felt like I was small and everything else was so much bigger". My wife had no idea what he was talking about but I did and told him so. I think that made him feel better. I told him two things, 1. Its not real and, 2. It can't hurt you....that is cold comfort though because even at 50 years old I know what it felt like and nothing in this world can make you feel that way. Anyway I out grew them and the last time I had that dream/feeling was 30 years ago or more....I to this day dream very vividly and experience dreams where the context is intricate and the images and detail are nothing like anything i have experienced in life.I do not have any neurological issues, never been depressed for any period of time, am not on any medication and have never been diagnosed with any kind of mental health issue. I am an inventor and my whole life I have been characterized as a very creative thinker...I googled "feeling small" and night terror and couldn't find anything...are there any of us out there?????

I had similar dreams. they were terrifying. I didn't experience it as me being small but everything being very far away, neverending looooong hallways etc. I would basically wake up and be too afraid to go back to bed. I would go downstairs if my parents were still up, if not I would go to there bedroom and wake up my mother. In real life usually in bed before sleep I would have these hallucinations where suddenly the door or the window is as far away as 10 blocks. Only getting out of bed and go touch the door or the window would reset my sight to reality. Someone told me much later intense fear can cause this.
I recently found out that beer cause me to have horrible nightmares, even 1 beer. I've been drinking beer since i was an infant. Now I very rarely drink. That's how I found out.