I Know I'm Asleep

My night terror is the same re-occurring dream. I'm not so sure if I could even call it a dream because I know that I'm asleep and it feels so real. It feels as if I'm being held down, I can't talk, move, or open my eyes. My heart begins to raise so fast that it feels like I'm having a panic attack. When I have this dream everything is dark. I can't see anything at all. All I can do is feel this horrible heavy pain consume me and once I realize that I'm asleep all I can do is pray and I suddenly wake up. Anyone share a similar night terror?

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4 Responses Oct 22, 2009

Yes those are exactly what I have, sometimes I will actually start to dream and they are awful dreams, or if I'm lucky I wake up before that happens. I know exactly when I'm going to have one because my body gets tense and once I get in this weird feeling mode, I can't move it's hard to breath and I feel I'm awake, sometimes I will hear loud bangs or footsteps running up my stairs or it will turn into a bad nightmare. Rarely do I wake up before it gets bad.

They might seem real, but if you see something that you know is crazy, try to take control of your actions in the dream. Think of yourself fighting or making the dream fun. When ever I run and hide I almost am often caught before waking up. But, calling on Jesus usually helps me, you just have to believe.

I've had the very same experience but I never thought it was a dream. I always thought I was awake. In my mind I woudl tell myself to scream and I thought that Iwas but I could never get it out. I would be able to see the room that I was in but this force was so powerful. i never thought of it as night terrors becuase i thought it was real...

That's exactly how I used to feel, but somehow I just figured out it just clicked this cant be real.

Oh I understand totally! I haven't had many but I've had them before. It is a horrible experience!!