It Not Great When You Do Something You Cannot Control

I have had Night Terrors my whole life.  Not only night terrors but I regularly sleep walk and talk as well.

Basically my most recent one (which is very similar each time) happened 2 nights ago.

I will give you both sides to this story, mine and my wifes (who I might add is quite terrified of this part of me).

My wifes would be best to start with, because she witnessed the whole thing and I really only remember feelings and small parts.  

My wife woke up to see me standing at the end of the bed, eyes wide open.  She said she could see how scared I was and also felt like I didn't know who she was.  She said I was babbling about nothing and then freaked right out, tearing all of the top sheets off the bed and then while she was laying there I grabbed her by the ankles and dragged her to the end of the bed.  She jumped out of bed screaming at me saying "it's me, your wife", "stop it".  She said I then ran to the door and turned the fan right up and then turned on the light.  She said that she could still see that I was still frightened of something and that it seemed to be her.

She said that I was just standing near the door and I started accusing her of trying to scare me.  She could see that I didn't seem to recognise her and obviously been through this before, started re-making the bed.  She said she was so scared that she kept looking at me while she was making the bed in fear that I would hurt her.  Once she was done she said that I just ran past her jumped back into the bed and was immediately fast asleep, she said I didn't move again all night and was so scared by the events that she didn't sleep barely again fearing that I may do this again.

My memories of this are really vague and I just remember the feeling of massive fear, and glimpses of what happened, but I don't remember most of it (which included dragging her down the bed, or ripping off the sheets).  I also remember feeling my heart beating about 1 million miles and hour and I was just laying in bed not able to move my body, so I figure it must have been just after.

Anyway I have had these and very similar experiences at least once per month and sometimes a couple of times per week.  It is really unpredictable and I have had enough.  I live in Australia and called my local sleep disorder centre today to get some help and was told that they haven't heard if this and would just have to deal with it on my own.  So am very glad that some people have some similar experiences.

I have come to the end and am really sick of waking up at night with the feeling of terror. 

dblack23 dblack23
26-30, M
Nov 2, 2009