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I guess after last night i realised i have been suffering from night terrors for some time although nothing could of prepared me for last nights events and whats more after reading some of the featured stories on here how many have i had i dont remember.I have shared similar experiences like wakeing during the night  heart raceing sence of panic even woken and pounced on my sheets trying to grab a snake that isnt there.but  nothing like last night


im 28 year old my girl friend is 29 and i have a six mounth old daughter we all share the same room in our one bedroom flat.last night me and my girl friend went to bed around midnight.as any normal night there was nothing unusual . I must of fallen to sleep around haif past i must of woken again not long after because i remember looking at something i thought was a light shineing on our wall that begen to take the shape of a face i quickly dismissed this as my imagination turned over and must of fallen to sleep all most instantly i dont remember much after that but wakeing in our room screaming at the top of my lungs like a petrified child sobbing pushing a dark figure away from me like pushing an attacker who had snuck into our home to kill me my girl friend soon woke and began to scream her self while trying to calm me down she also buy this time in tears. after a couple of minuets the lights came on and i looked at my girl friend still petrified and asked where i was followed buy am i still alive i was compleatly wet with sweat freezing almost like something demonic had past through my body fear traveling through my body like i had no control of my emotion too scared to leave the room and enter another on my own. i had to drag my girl friend with me occasionaly sobbing as fear still ran through my body i had to turn the central heating and the fire on i entered the kitchen to put the kettel on to make a cup of tea too scared to go back to sleep or even be on my own.i came from the kitchen once again crying asking my girl friend what it was not understanding what had happend or why i was felling the way i was.i also noticed that some of the pictures on the fire half had seemed to have moved could this have been me already left the room once before without realizeing it all i know is the cats wouldent come near me they were as petrified as i was which made me even more uneasy now i have heard so many stories of ghosts and poltergiest which i deeply do hope this isnt has any one else sufferd anything the same as this i have to sleep again tonight and im really not looking forward to it so scared that this might happen again. what can i do to stop it                       

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1 Response Feb 23, 2010

my suggestion to you is , to make sure you say your prayers asking god for his protection and is guidance for you and your family. the devil is out there and he is real. but he uses our fears to get to us, but God is more powerfull than any devil, he created everything and i know from experiences that the devil is real. 20 years ago , i was very sick and i couldnt eat sleep and go to work, i had three small children and i was unable to take care of them, i would wake at night with my heart beating and like someone choking me, i began to be afraid to sleep, i had to go and live with my mom.and she used to pray day and night for me, i went to obeah people to try to help but i just go worst, my pastor , told me to fast and prayer for a weekend and they got together with my mom and prayed and anointed me. and i was healed, god is still in the miracle working business, read psalm 23 and 91 in the night before you go to sleep and leave the rest up the Lord he is more than able to do abundantly for what we ask him for. we only have to believe, i will also pray for you and your family. all the best in jesus name. and any time you have that experience again ,just call on the the lord jesus , and demons flee,