I'm scared I took 2 of my pills. And I'm really freaking out can anyone help
sydneycaroline sydneycaroline
18-21, F
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You took two of your pills - what scares you about that?

I'm not supposed to! And I don't want anything bad to happen

Two pills are unlikely to do any harm. However, you can call the hospital and ask to speak to a nurse and tell them your medication and dosage and what happened and they can advise you.

We're you trying to harm yourself?

No I wasn't at all.

Like I never want to do that

Phew! So like I said - it is very unlikely to harm you; you might get extra drowsy or sleep a lot (depending on what you took). Also if you're still worried, tell someone mom/dad/roommate so they can help distract you or know why you're drowsy if that happens.

I'm scared I took two 100mg Luvox

I just googled it, it says 100 to 200 mg effective daily dose... But you may still want to call ER if you are concerned

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