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It Doesn't Really Affect My Life But...

When I sit in a public place, I NEED to have a clear view on the door and having a wall behind me, not people... I am really not safe around strangers and I need to see what they're doing... I am also very aware of every unusual sounds and movements... I counted every steps of the stairs in my house and also at my job so I can travel with my eyes closed. I know self defense and I always look where I walk, so I mostly never fall... I need to have a constant look at what time it is and I know the location of every emergency exits.

I think I may be paranoiac...

MadnessInc MadnessInc 18-21 3 Responses May 2, 2012

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I do the same thing....minus the knife, protein bars, and coat. It's hot as hell in Florida!

Yeah well I live in a dangerous city, this week some dude attacked someone else with an axe o.o and the city is a small one that's the weird thing...

and about the coat things, sometimes it's just in my backpack because I always have it.

Gah, I'm a dumb ***. OK, if it doesn't interfere with you leading a normal life, than u shouldn't change unless you really want to. I don't see anything with wrong with doing the things u mentioned above.

Does it interfere with you leading a normal life?

Well, I grew up a bit alone (and I'm still pretty much alone in life since I mostly never share what I think) so I guess I'm fine that way but I also think that being paranoiac leads to stress (which is not what you and I need).

Anyway, even if I wanted to change that, I don't think I could. It's all about trusting people around you and I know people too well to just * trust * them...