Spiritual Illness?

Hi everyone. I have been looking at different peoples views on schizophrenia and one guy said that schizophrenia is a spiritual illness. What do you guys think of that? He says that the delusions and voices for example are actually telling you what you need to focus on. If you have this idea that you are Jesus or a prophet which is something I did think I was and here to help people then the delusion is telling you to help people. What are your thoughts on this and if you are like me what was your experience of being Jesus? When I believed I was Jesus I thought people were coming from all around the world to crucify me again and I was helping people on the streets of my hometown by walking in their area and using my mind to help them. Tell me what you think.
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i did exactly the same for 11yrs

I kind of agree with you that schizophrenia is a spiritual disease, but I don't agree that you should necessarily listen to your voices. I do believe thoughts are things and that positive thoughts can help, while negative thoughts may hurt, you or other people.