Pid For 14 Years & No One Cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi I am Karen.

I was abused for 6 years to 16 years old & I am soon to be 30.

I was diagnosed with PID back in 2000 - I have had 5 operations in the last few years. One major which resulted in me loosing my left tube. When I had my 2nd surgery they said it was the worst case of adhesions he had ever seen. Ever since then my life has been a living hell - feel like no doctor or specialists is willing to help me. I feel like stepping out in front of a car sometimes to end the pain.

I went to A & E the weekend, only to be told to go & find a better GP!! We only have one in my area & they are ****, been with them 3 years & never had any help. If anything I shall be taking them to court for never wanting to help.

So looks like I have to move just to see a GPO who is going to send me to the hospital LMFAO!!

Things I suffer on a daily basis:

Total loss of appetite - never ever feel hungry
Bloated a lot - very sore
Bleeding after sex
Pain during sex
Feeling sick/being sick
Cold shivers/hot flushes
Very fatigue - finding daily tasks very hard
Boils on my body
Sties in my eyes
Sore tongue
Peeing all the time
Trouble going for a poo
Always feel full, like I have just eaten a huge plate of food
Periods are getting longer, more painful, late & have loads of clots (which is new)
Back pain, lower left & right of tummy. Side pains also.
Just want to sleep all the time, sooooo tired...have no energy.

Anyone else suffer like this??

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Hi Karen ,

So sorry to hear what you have been going through. Have your doctors sent you for any immune deficiency tests.

I also have very extreme scarring from PID and share a few symptoms with yourself but a many you have mentioned I think are linked to immune issues.

It may be worth making a trip further away to speak to another doctor rather than continuing to suffer this badly. its awful


By the way i also have pid. And i do experience bloatedness, pain, feeling full, back pains and i feel spasms inside my belly

Your pid has reached to a higher level. I think you need to boost your immune system. You could try the juice im drinking, 5glasses of apple, carrot, cucumber, alfalfa , red bell pepper and yacon juice. You need it. Take 5 glasses everyday