Alone And Scared With PID

22 years of age and a partner of 4 yrs I am currently taking medication for PID.
I feel so alone, I can't stop crying as I am typing this.

My partner although he has been faithful at the beginning of our relationship we decided to no longer use condoms as he said he'd not had unprotected sex since last getting tested, big mistake as I ended up contracted chlamedia...he didn't count his ex in that question! I only had the STI for a few weeks.
We both got treatment for that, the medicine and an examination. But sex after changed. It hurt. In the past yr although on the implanon which for 3 yrs I had a period once in a blue moon I now have irregular bleeds.

I used to get a pain from my naval down to my womb like a tight string being pulled.
I saw a doctor who examined me and said I had a tilted womb, she basically said pain may be psychological, so when she referred me to the clinic I cancelled as I thought it was daft that I should see my other options. I ruled out lubrication (although I know I'm sensitive to lube), I am sexually aroused, I want sex, my relationships fine. I saw a nurse who was awful and blunt and said that the pain from naval down may be cause my tubes are blocked and I have may not have kids. So 3 yrs on after seeing different medical professionals and getting no help and feeling down and less of a woman that I can't have sex I made an appointment with the hospital sex clinic.

That doctor was lovely, said everyone has a tilted womb just depending which way it is tilted differs. She said the nurse was wrong that it is when you keep gtting chlamedia that it could lead to infertility. She thought by what I desribed I had PID. I was on 6 tablets a day 2 of metradonizole and 4 ofloxin. I have completed the metrazdonzole and am not on ofloxin for another week. I go back for a check up towards the end of feb. She said she'd refer me for an ultrasound and I am awaiting this.

I just feel so lonley and scared. I live with my boyfriends parents and although they took me to the appointment and I told them that I had PID they didn't know what it was and I didn't want to discuss it, plus they don't know their son gave me chlamedia.

It is not something I'd want to discuss with my dad and my mum didn't want to know about it. So I just need support. I am so worried by wht I have read and research, that I might not be able to have kids. Please be honest is this true?
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1 Response Feb 10, 2013

PID can cause infertility. And chronic PID increases your risk of infertility, that is having PID more than once. The ultrasound will give you a better idea of the odds. The reason PID causes infertility is because it often causes scaring, adhesions, and abcesses, and can block the fallopian tubes. But there are surgeries that can help correct this. Just make sure than you are being properly treated with the correct antibiotics when you have PID, and it is completely cleared up before you have sex again.

Also, you shouldn't be embarrased. You got this due to no fault of your own. And PID does occur more often in women with Clamydia, however, it can happen to women for many other reasons. You can confide in your parents and in-laws about the effects of the disease without revealing your STD. I hope this helped. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.