i have apparently had PID for years now. I had a laprosopy in october and had all the scar tissue that had formed cut away and was told that that would be it now, i would have no more pain and it would all be sorted.

I have apparently either been told wrong or compleatly miss understood...

I have still been having pain-specially after sex, so went to the gyni and he then said that i will always have pain and that basically i have to deal with. great.

So i was wanting to know if there is anything that can be done to ease it and if there is a homeopathy remedy that may help?


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Hi, did you find what bacteria cos this PID? I have similar situation for months, actually for one year I'm in pain and they didn't give me no cure cos doctors could not find bacterias. I started to cure myself in February, still getting cured. First I started with antibiotics, they didn't help, now I'm on homeopathy remedy THUJA, MEDORRHINUM, SEPIA, and RIUTIS. Also taking vaginal pills based on herbs ( the tea, St. John's wort and lactobacyllus) from a herbal pharmacy. Hope it will work, just started with this.

thank you very much for your reply, i will try, i eat ALOT of bread so could help me too!<br />
Glad you much better :)

Hi there Smile,<br />
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I just read your post and I wanted to reply because I know how you feel- I had pelvic inflammatory disease and I was very ill when it was in the acute stage, and afterwards I was left with chronic pelvic pain, especially at night or when I was tired. I was told that I also needed a laproscopy to cut the scar tissue, but to be honest, I was sick of doctors by then so I held them off.<br />
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In the end I spoke to a nutritionist who told me to try staying off carbohydrates and fried foods. I didn't do it for a whole year because it seemed too difficult, but in the end I was so desperate that I did. Within a month I felt much better, that was nearly 5 months ago and now I only get the slightest twinge occasionally, and thats only when I come off my diet, it doesn't bother me at all any more. I'm doing sports again, camping, doing the things I enjoy which the pelvic pain didn't let me do.<br />
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I'm just mentioning this because, you never know, it might help you too. The idea is not to eat things which cause inflammation. So now I don't eat bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, corn etc, and neither do I ever eat any type of sugar or any fruit at all. And nothing fried (omega 6 oils). Its a massive effort, but not as bad as the pelvic pain. I eat LOADS of vegetables, especially greens, fish, chicken, eggs, some red meat, lots of beans and lentils.<br />
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Anyway, good luck girl and I hope you feel better soon.