While suffering from an attack of RCI I came across this story.  I think its funny but no one else does.  I have a bad case of RCI>

Kermit the frog, went to the bank for a loan. The loan officer, Ms Patty Black, had him fill out some papers and said, I need a reference - someone who knows you. "Mick Jagger is my buddy," Kermit said. "Do you have any collateral.” “This is all I have,” said Kermit, pulling out a small porcelain elephant. Patty Black  didn’t know what to do so she told Kermit to wait while she talked to the manager. “Kermit the frog is in the lobby applying for a loan.  He said he knew Mick Jagger real well.  All he has for collateral is this,” she held up the porcelain elephant. The bank manager took the elephant and looked at it, then turned to Patty.   “It’s a knick knack Patty Black, give the frog a loan, his old man is a rolling stone.”



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Levin, you always crack me up with you comments. Keep 'em coming... :) lol

When one gets old (as I am) they loose their mind - I don't think I ever had one to tell the truth. thanks for the comments.