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Wow, It Was Really Bad Today

Usually it's a dull pain or it calms if I change position in my work chair, but it was bad today. I've gained weight recently and not been working out, and I've very sure this is related. But, omg, I could hardly think. Of course, I'm about to go on vacation so I'm stressed and trying to do several days of work in one, so I "don't have time to deal with this pain." So, I ate a couple of advil (that did nothing) and gritted my teeth thru it. I'm going to have to get this taken care of bigtime, and soon. It's such a searing, screaming pain, I can't stand it. And I can't stand that I can't just take a pill or do some stretches, that it needs constant maintenance, or it just gets worse. So effed. Thanks for listening.

mouse2cheese mouse2cheese 41-45, F 5 Responses Jul 15, 2008

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Really bad sciactia it a sharp pain, icant sit .please help

where is a toilet, it reminded me of vomiting.

Are you a man ?

Are you a man ?

me too. It is making me fat cuz I can't do anything.