6 Years Of Pain

Its hard to remember whats it is like to be without pain.....I've had a prolapsed disc L5/S1 for 6 years now.

Its been on and off since 2006, hobbling around on crutches and some days being excruciating pain and not being able to walk at all.

Being only 23 when it started feeling like i was in my later year was and still is quite depressing (i am now 29)

After countless times going to the doctors who refuse to help me due to 'lack of NHS' funding in the UK, drastic measures were needed when i suffered a sever bout of it, which put me out of work.

This was 3 years ago, even though the doctors agreed that i needed an operation nothing could be done on the NHS, so i had to do the only thing i could and sell my house to privately fund treatment. Gladly this helped me on the way to a partial recovery after getting and MRI diagnosing the L5/S1 prolapse i tried every treatment under the sun, from physio, acupuncture, nerve block injections, Prolotherapy, osteopath treatment and chiropractor treament, it go me to a stage where i was able to go back to work albeit still with a lingering pain in the background. The only thing that helped me was a series of 15 injections to my hip joint and the L5/S1 (not a nice experience but worth it for relief even if for a short time), it helped for a while but it was apparent that these were not a permanent solution.

Painkillers helped to an extent by after taking them but the effects were not pleasant.....

An operation to remove the disc was recommended however i cannot afford the £9,000 bill for it....

Finally last year in Late October 2012 the NHS finally said they would be willing to fund me, so i went to a neurosurgeon who recommended me for an operation.......maximum waiting time of 18 weeks....

Its currently at week 13 of waiting since i last saw the neurosurgeon and i'm still anxiously waiting for the call to come in for the op.....

I still live in hope that it will come soon.... whether or not it will work...only time will tell.

The one thing that helps me through this is the support and love from my fantastic wife whom i met 4 years ago.

If anyone else is suffering from a similar situation, you are in my thoughts and hope your recovery is soon.....

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Thank you for sharing, honestly I can say I feel/felt your pain. I was 25 at onset in 2006 I had surgery in July 2012. They actually had to cut a "window" in my L5 vertebrae to make room for the disc.

-Sciatica 2006-2012 due to herniation of L5 disc pressing on L4-S1 nerve region.

Hello and thank you for your message.

I am happy to report that I finally had my operation early March where they removed part of my vertebrae to remove the defective disk.....

After about 8 weeks of recovery i now feel better than i can remember....its an amazing feeling to feel 'normal' again :)