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Ever Since I had my last baby I've suffered from sciatica pain caused by pinched nerves on my lower back.  Two and a half-years ago I had surgery to correct this without any success. So I decided to have it done again. This time my neurosurgeon performed a bigger operation, called a laminectomy, to make more room and  to decompress the nerves. Two months later, I'm still in a lot of pain. My left leg and the left side of my lower back hurt most of the time. My doctor says the nerves just take a long time to heal and since they've been compressed for so long, it'll take a while for them to bounce back. In the meantime, I've been trying to walk a lot and I'm staying active. I'm also doing exercises for my back. In the meantime I've been on pretty powerful pain meds, since nerve pain is one of the most annoying pain sensations I've ever experienced.Has anyone else experienced this?
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Omg! This pain is indescribable. I had it 5 years ago and the microdiscectomy fixed it. Well now it's back, that pain in my a$$! I'll try the cortisone injections that didn't work the first time and then under the knife again. I don't know how anyone can live with this pain, it consumes my life and happiness!

Hi guys, I've had sciatic pain for the last two months after a snowboarding injury. I hope i'm on the way to recovery slowly with physio alone.<br />
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Anyhow, in my general interest of searching out information I came across an article that might be beneficial for people with chronic sciatic pain that isn't relieved with physio and time to heal.<br />
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In short: although still poorly understood it appears some people after herniating a disc have nerve ingrowth into parts of the inner disc itself which I suppose would be irritated pretty much indefinitely. In contrast most of the time once a herniated disc repairs and the pressure is off the sciatic nerve everything is back to normal.<br />
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I'm no doctor but if that was the case then it makes sense that you would not get relief from the pain unless you had the disc removed possibly?<br />
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sounds like cervical disc replacement maybe a way forward for chronic sciatic pain sufferers if it was caused by inflamed/irriated cervical disc from nerve ingrowth .. <br />
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anyhow, I suggest reading the information in the links and drawing your own conclusions in conjunction with medical professionals.<br />
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Ciao :)

Thanks guys for your comments and your empathy. I really appreciate it. About 4 weeks ago I went in for another epidural injection. They barely numbed the area and it was extremely painful. The next 3 weeks I experienced no change. The 4th week it started feeling better. I'm taking motrin but doesn't help much so I had to get a prescription for vicodin. Take care and God bless.

My situation is similar. Laminectomy l2-l5 but still major on motrin. Yes nerve pain is her debilitating.<br />
Let me know how you are doing. Regards

Thanks to all for any comments on sciatic pain. Helps to know I am not alone. I have been suffering with mine since Nov. '08. Recently had an MRI & have been told I have herniated disks which result in this horrendous nerve pain from my right buttock down the front of my right leg. I am scheduled for the epidural injections in my back on July 10th to see if that will relieve the pain any. Just feel I have to try something if it may provide some relief. Would appreciate hearing comments from anyone who has had the epidural injections to hear how it was to get them & if it helped alleviate the pain any. Must say I am a bit nervous about getting them. Will get them just with a local anesthetic. In the meantime, I am sweating it out just using Tylenol, but it's really not helping. Only ice seems to ease the pain sometimes. As always my darn......<br />
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oh man, its killing me this month. I feel like just cutting off those tendons & muscles that are pulling. I sit on a ball a lot when I am at home.

the stairs kill me at work. I hate them. It's better on the flat.

Thanks thiswreckage : ) I've been doing some low impact aerobics and some days are better than others. A stair stepper sounds good, I'll need to join a gym for that. I'm also thinking of trying epidural block injections again. Have u ever tried those, they help for a while. I hope yours gets better also, and thanks again for sharing!