Gosh It Hurts.

 After having my boys its no surprised that I had the occasional bout of sciatica and with a family history of bad backs and sciatic pain I figured it would be my turn on occasion to suffer aswell.

I brought a new bed end of last year and woke up with a sore back wich gradually increased to sciatica sometimes down either leg but mostly on my left. I started sleeping on the floor or anywhere that might be a bit more comfy but it never fully went away.

During some work around the house I picked up something to put in the shed and twisted and something gave way so off I went to rest up with a hot water bottle and some panadol.

Months later it was still giving me trouble but I hadnt done anything about it and it wasnt till I took my mum shopping and she could get out of the car with less pain than I could that I went to my Dr.

She ordered a CT scan and it was discovered I have a prolapsed disc  at L5S1 causeing severe pain radiating from the top of my left butt cheek down to the back of the knee through the calf, under the heal and to my outside toes. The prolaps is pressing on the spine aswell as the nerve so its not a good thing. My leg is numb in spots and I can handle that but I cant stay on my feet or sit for very long.

At this stage im doing physio every week and I have anti inflammitries and a nerve pain killer wich has helped and I'm awaiting the reply from the referral my Dr sent off for surgery, I am yet to find out just what they will do but in the mean time I'm exercising and trying to strengthen everything that still works. Also finding sleeping with a heat pad or an electric blanket is helping with the pain.

Anyway i wish the rest of you luck with managing your pain on this one, it's also been suggested to me that a neurosurgeon to perform the operation and an anethetist that understands nerve pain is the way to go.

Good luck!

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1 Response Sep 1, 2009

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