I Suffer

i have suffered from the darkness of depression.  i was going through what i call "the dark hole"
i wasnt sleeping, eating, showering, 
 finally after months of searching for a psychiatrist, which in itself is depressing enough, 
it's so HARD to find a good doctor!!!!!!!!
i got on a good cocktail of meds and i seem to be doing ok now,  or until the next episode hits,  we all know its not if the next episode hits, but when????????

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morningstarr morningstarr
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6 Responses Feb 17, 2008

morningstarr i luv you, DONT FORGET IT'S ALL BABY lest when it come to jesustu, VASH ZE STAMPEDE!

dude, gurd is gggggaaaaaayyyhhhhhh


itsn all about survival of the fiotest we must kill people to survive years ago but now we kill people by society ie drugs alcohol violence i am now a contract killer for hire my number is 00353857696349 no job too big or small good prices

i have been on the lighter side of things lately. from the advice of my psychiatrist, i have started a nightly meditation schedule. believe it or not, it has helped me, keep my balance in my daily life.<br />
now, my laundry still isnt folded, but i can smile today

oh my gosh, i have wanted to jump off the bridge a couple of times.. but the cycle of life has always kept me looking for the light in all my darkness. you know, i feel the same exact way somedays, life does overwhelm us for me, i havent left my house in a week, i guess that's how i deal with things, i isolate myself from the real world. <br />
i will make a deal with you,, we will make it through this day. we will try not to get angry or upset, we will count our blessings together.<br />
tomorrow we will try again