Where It All Started .

it started one day, my friend said have you ever heard of make-up look at you, the next day another girl comes up and says aha look at your mono-brow. those words made me feel ill inside and as all the comments got worse i started cutting, when my cutting got bad i told a distant friend he told my closest friend so now i have to say i have stopped when im fact its even worse my depression has reached its highest and i don't see anything when i wake except a fat ugly retard that deserves to die i thought that when i started to smile again that everything was in control, i couldn't have been more wrong, i was at a house party and i was actually feeling normal for once but no someone ruined that a old bully's boyfriend thought i was there to kill her so he slit my back open with a knife, as it was not a stab it felt good as people who slit will know it feels good to release blood but then i had to get it checked out and my parents and close friends saw it all, all my secrets and so know i have a camera fitted in my room no sharp objects no nothing i try to kill myself by smashing my head against the wall but that doesn't work i go to classes every day for help yet nothing ever helps i wish to die and am on the waiting list for a mental institute. why should i live on earth any more hell is my home . i suffer from severe depression.
lemolly lemolly
13-15, F
Dec 1, 2012