Yes !!!

Yes I am dark , yes I am weird
And yes I know the happy side of me have never appeared
Yes I am a dreamer and yes I am insane
And yes I know no one can see the thoughts in my brain
Yes I am disgusting , yes I cut myself
And yes I know that I threw my life on a shelf
Yes I am psycho , yes I love revenge
And yes I know that I’ll never ever change
Yes I am alone , yes I am neglected
And yes I know with pain I’m affected
Yes you don’t know me , yes I am unknown
And yes I know I have a secret that I’ve never shown
Yes I love you , yes I want to disappear
And yes I know losing you is my greatest fear
Yes I am angry , yes i don’t know why
And yes I know that one day alone I’ll die
Yes this is the truth , yes this is me
And yes I know I’ll never ever be happy
Amenita666 Amenita666
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Nobody is going to see the inner beauty. Ever. Ever. Ever. I know it, you know it, we all know it. I'm cool with that, just like you are. At least when all hope is lost, we seem to find acceptance.

Very INSANELY cool and yes I have everything in common yes I know I am crazy yes time to get blazzzed

love awakes madness (it did it on me) you're not weird you're interesting, why to destroy your body looking for ending your interesting existance? you just need to wait for someone who can see the inner beauty you have