How does one recover from a near breakdown when living under the same circumstances that caused it in the first place?  Becoming financially dependent on my family due to a physical disability has been (and this situation has always been my vision of) a private hell and it has gotten significantly worse this past year.

I am experiencing (with confirmation from both a Psychiatrist and Psychologist) the effects of being in an abusive relationship.  Total isolation, loss of independence, loss of self esteem and all sense of identity, etc.

This is the "digest" version of things ... my passion is to become a screenwriter.  If I ever get out from under this maybe I'll write a movie about this experience .... or at least a documentary, huh?

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1 Response Feb 20, 2009

Sorry you are going thru all that sh**....<br />
But I think it would be really hard to write from a place of passion & emotion if you hadn't...<br />
I hope you can channel all those emotions into something really special.<br />
Uh.... scratch that.<br />
Scratch the "hope" part; replace that with "I KNOW you will."<br />
Let me know WHEN it happens...