[Why Is It So Hard to Get Help?]:

1. I, under the advisement of my fiance and the health center on campus, went to the Counseling Center on campus. The first woman I saw gave me twenty minutes, and I'm serious about getting better so I was to the point. I'm a survivor of child abuse, rape, and a few near death experiences. I was considering self harm. I need help.

She told me she didn't have time for me in those exact words, unwilling to work with me to find time, and a week later, sent me a very uncaring letter about going to another counseling center. My fiance read the letter and was furious at the lack of care in the tone of the letter.

2. I went back, saw a different psychologist, and was told that my life was 'too traumatic for her to think she could do any good.'.

3. Then my doctor thinks I'm making it up for attention or something, because I'm just so good at faking it. I fill out the questionaires accurately, but I smile and joke in the room. Well, of course I do. I've only had a lifetime to practice faking 'ok'. Why the hell would I lie? If I were making it up for attention, don't you think I'd at least act sad or something? No. There's just a problem dropping my outside face. 


Anyone else have any similar problems or advice?

princeval princeval
18-21, F
Mar 7, 2009