I'm writing this because i can't stand anymore, my memory is worsening. Sometimes,if i do sumthing, a minute later i totally forget about it, i need people around me to tell me what did i forget. However, it started with quite brutal headache for the past 3 years and it already dissapeared, then i've been experiencing sharp pain on my head which lasted just about 1-2 minutes and sharp and burning sensation on my legs, those symptoms come and go until now. My behaviour change gradually, i'm having a social phobia, where i don't like to have any contacts with most of my friends and i found it hard for me to pick up phone calls as though like i am afraid to talk to others. I've been keeping this from my family. I didn't take any medication. I hope that somebody will give me opinion about my cndition. I really appreciate it. Thank u so much.
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Jan 20, 2013