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I've had sleep paralysis incidents since I was very little. It's a hard thing to describe to someone who has never had this happen to them, but it's like you literally feel like you're about to die, due to something very evil in the room with you. I'm going to try and share some of my experiences over time. They all start out differently, but always pretty much end the same. These are like nightmares on steroids. And you're trapped in your body, unable to move a muscle.

One incident, when I was in my early 20s, I had this dream where I was sleeping in a meadow. I suddenly realize that an evil "thing" is hovering above my head. When I say "evil" I don't mean Hitler-evil, I mean Satan-evil. I manage to roll over, and find myself staring into this enormous, white, half-bat, half-man demon thing. It had wings like a bat and a man's face. It was the color of cream, and its skin was hairless and sweaty. It's bat-like wings must have been 20-feet wide. It was slowly flapping them, and this thing was staring me eye-to-eye, about two feet from my face. It looked like it wanted to eat me, or worse... Suddenly, I can't move. I can't scream, and now I realize that everything is dark, but the evil is still present. Is it attacking me, I don't know! I am completely lucid, because I now realize I am in my bed, in my dorm, and if I can only get to the security guard down the hall, I will find some safety. It seems like a minute, but I can finally snap out of it and was halfway down the hallway before I realized I knew what I was doing. The security guard thought I was crazy, having ran into the lobby wearing boxers and a t-shirt. This wasn't the first time this happened to me, certainly not the last, but one of the more memorable, since I ended up in a public place. :-)

They still happen, although it's been a year since I had one. I've had incidents where my eyes are actually open when I have had a SP episode, but I'll save that for next time.
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Thank you for pointing this out to me, this is pretty insane..I would love to include some of your dreams, with your permission of course.

Sleep Paralysis and the related experiences isn't a dream, per se. You're awake and dreaming at the same time. Go ahead and use it, though. What I was talking about, however, is that there is a special section on EP JUST for dreams. If you go back to my profile, you'll see on the left side of the page that I shared 6 dreams. Click on that and you'll see the dreams I shared. I'm sure lots of people share dreams, so you'll have a lot to look at. This is one of my weirder ones:

Your eyes open at the same time?! That is amazing and terrifying. Did you actually see what was around you, or was it all hallucination?

I haven't had SP episode in years. I don't want it happening but I kinda miss the thrill. It's been 10 yrs I'd say. It used to occur to me when I fall asleep on the couch . Longest one I had was 30 minutes. It feels like i had died in my dream and my body's dead but my soul couldn't get out.

It is nothing to be scared of. It is when your body falls asleep before your mind does. I just had sp and I saw 2 bars flying over my head. I have also have had episodes were I hear voices and see shadows. It's a scary thing but If u just relax u will be ok. This time it was scary for me but I have learned how to relax and not freak out when it happens. I don't believe it's anything evil or anything to be afraid of. Just relax and don't panic and it will be over quickly.

Hey, we have both had this, my stories on my page, its scary and life changing isnt it!! You be like my sleep paralysis bro now lol

Alot of people dont know,but we knnnooowww.... :))

i guess that's what it was. i've had episodes like this in the past. but in my experience the evil presence never took a shape. I just sensed/felt it, it was very creepy. I've had times where I felt it's weight over my chest, or another time felt like it was choking me. The worst was (and idk if this was sleep paralysis or an out of body experience) when I woke up from a dream and felt like a wave was moving through my body, taking my spirit with it. I thought I was going to die. To this day i think I would have if i hadn't concentrated hard to snap out of it.

i've had some weird sleep problems, but I'm not sure if I have SP. I have realized I was dreaming while dreaming and tried to escape. I've also been half awake in my bed and unable to move.