I Refuse To Close My Eyes.

Okay so this is my first story im sharing, im new to this website. Well to the point..I suffer from sleep paralysis and have been for a while now..it only used to happen sometimes but now its happening every night! Sometimes it will happen more the once in one night. Im at the point where i dont ever want to even close my eyes..the dreams are sooo scary and no one understands when i try to tell them, No one that i talk to knows what this is like. I feel like im going crazy. I want it to stop but dont know how to make it stop. I go to a sleep study soon and talk to a sleep specialist. Does anyone know how to make it stop..im so scared to sleep. They said its not real but i always feel like something is trying to get me. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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Hey sweetie so sorry to hear about your sleep paralysis, I have suffered with the same issue and have heard many theories and solutions, firstly be assured you are not going crazy. Have you suffered a traumatic event in your life or do you take any medication for anything ? Also it has been proven that sleeping on your back increases the risk of an episode. I will happily talk to you about my own experiences. One positive in this difficult time is that as you go through life this will become less frequent and you will learn techniques to deal with it. Take care Chris

Thanks for commenting back, its good to know other people go through this to. Its really hard to deal with right now. School work is getting hard to keep up with due to being so tired and i sometimes sleep in my moms room thats how scared i get! But thanks again for the support(:

I'm glad you are getting in to see a sleep specialist. I wish I had seen one when I was your age, perhaps I wouldn't still be suffering at my age. <br />
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Do what they tell you to do and you may gain insight and peace. Somethings that you can do in the mean time is to alter your diet to exclude sugar and caffeine. Regular exercise, even a daily 20 minute walk I've found, helps, too. It allows all those things running around in our brain to sort out while we're working out, instead of being trapped inside our sub-conscious to be dealt with during sleep, perhaps. Good luck with this!