I Suffer From Sleep Paralysis

This condition of mine has been long standing, since childhood.  I am now 23 years old and not one day in my life have I slept alone due to this condition.  I need to feel the safety and security around me, I need to know, that if this happens, someone will be there to wake me up.  I am Filipino and in our culture, we call this “bangungot”.  I have always left it at that… never really searched for any medical explanation for why this happens.  My mother took me to the witch doctor as a child, to shed some light on why this was happening to me almost every night… But us filipino’s are very superstitious, very religious.  We believe everything will be ok with God and prayers.  It only seems that my condition has gotten alot worse.  I wake up paralyzed.  Cant move a single inch.  Cant scream.  Cant do anything! I see and hear everything that’s going around me and then comes the familiar voice.  A man’s voice whispers in my ear, he knows my name.  He laughs this very evil laugh.  This goes on for maybe 30 seconds or even less, but it feels like an eternity! I finally break free from this gasping for air, tears streaming down my face.  I cant sleep because of this.  Im terrified.  Sometimes I catch it before it happens, I try to get up, but it’s too late… the force is really strong.  For a long time, I never shared this with anyone because from the outside looking in, it seemed crazy.  But after seeking a sleep specialist and reading these discussions, I see that Im not alone!  I am an everyday normal person, I promise!  

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ugh I just wanted to punch it in the FACE!!!.....but my arms were held down preeeeeetty tight.

it's happened 3 times as an adolescent and 4 times as an adult. In just about every forum i've skimmed through...dr's seem to be stickin' to it being stress related. half of me thinks that's true cuz i've been battling PTSD for 16 years. I'm 35 now! Enough is enough!!!
But the other half....thinks there's more to it. I feel your pain. give ME some pointers!!!!

Another thing I would like to share. I use to pray so much but it did not work. I think life was not meant to be easy and the bible does not have all the answers. Some things we were meant to learn on our own. But for me, I know now and I want to share it. Please if i can help you with anyything more, please send me an email found under the "contact tab". My method is 100% guaranteed. <br />
Blessings :)

Hello everyone<br />
I have only a few times suffered from sleep paralysis. I can confirm it is not medical but spiritual. <br />
I am a medium and have studied and researched on sleep paralysis for quite some time along with helping as many people as i can to stop this from ever happening to them again.<br />
<br />
It is quite easy to stop this - my information is free - there isnt even any advertising for you to see. Just some very well written facts about the unseen. Please read on my website www.whitelightandwishes.com<br />
<br />
bless all of you and remember your suffering can stop as mine did.<br />
Love and light<br />

great! worry us worrywarts now!

I read your sites info on what we're all experiencing here and it's hard to believe that these VERY rare low grade entities are what we're developing. I don't really wanna worry about a tumour taking me over. ugh! i know now that I can't sleep tonight!

I understand what you are going through. It is a terrifying experience and it seems like no matter what I do, there is no way of preventing it. During the light of day, these episodes don't seem that scary. But when you are in the middle of having one, it feels like torture. You are not alone!

I know that feeling. You're blessed that you don't have to sleep alone. Its great you finally learned with this condition is, and you're helping more people to realize what they are suffering and they're not alone.