It started a few months back and been happening ever since. I wake up I think around 2ish or 3ish I'm not sure but all I do is lay there can't move can't talk can't scream. It's so scary because sometimes I see things moving within the shadows and sometimes I have a really forceful pushing on my chest enabling me to breathe properly it hurts a lot too.

I was wondering if others have this too. Maybe tell me about your experience?
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Hi there. I've had em to. There is a reason why it happens and there is a way to defend yourself from the attacks. Firstly I will explain why it happens. There are two types of super natural beings. 1 - Angels that are obedient to God and 2 - Demons who are not obedient to God. Jehovah is God - and Jesus is second in command. On the other hand - Satan is Gods arch nemesis whom is leader of the Demons - But there was a time when there was no rivalry between them. There was time when it was wonderful. But Lucifer coveted God and wanted to be like him but - God was hurt and because of that hurt Satan felt rejected and his sense of rejection was worse because his angelic brothers witnessed it. This grudge between them grew over the years and became worse. In time other angels joined the Devil and eventually a great war broke out in heaven. The Devil and the Demons were cast down out of heaven to the earth bringing Satan's great anger - But one of the main reasons why Satan and Demons are so angry is because of the prison sentence that soon awaits them after Armageddon hits earth. The Devil and the Demons want to make as much destruction as possible before their time comes and THAT IS WHY THEY HURT MANKIND. Point 2 - How to defend yourself from Sleep Paralysis. Praying to Jesus works - But Praying to Jehovah is much more potent. Also keep a bible handy and put it under your pillow - I recommend the "New world translation of the holy scriptures". Also certain environmental factors contribute to a demon attack. Things that have dark overtones ie - Dark Music, Horror Movies, Tarot cards, Black magic, Seances rituals, ouija boards - Stay away from these types of things and KEEP these dark objects away and if need be destroy them. Even an object that looks innocent can harbor dark connections beyond them. Go through your stuff and throw away anything suspicious or if need be shuffle them around and see what stuff is bad and what is not (Which might take a long time). Finally - The true aspect of our reality is - The closer you are to God the safer you are and call on his name it'll shake the evil away from you and most importantly don't give up if it keeps happening. If you need more assistance go to At the bottom of the site is a link for bible study and if you need one then the option is yours. Havn't had a SP experience in a while but had em so many times they don't scare me anymore. Mind you my experience with them might have been more mild due to the fact that I know the truth about Jehovah and Satan and us men in the mix. Knowledge is power. All the best and if you do go for a bible study don't be shy and ask for a bible - they will give you one for free. All the best and I hope you sleep better.


It happens to me too.. I'm at 100% sure that demons are responsible 😔

You are not alone. A study showed 24% of us suffer from SP. I wish there was a chat room for ppl with SP :(

I know right!

So it started when I was 6 years old and with age it gets worse!

One of the worse attacks was a demon like voice screaming in my ear. Two nights ago I able to open my eyes and a faceless figure was literally 3cms from my face! I nearly pissed myself...

We have to rember hallucinations are not harmfull and commen with SP but it can (like me) cause stress. Like not wanting to sleep..

There is nothing that can be done however if you are on meds SP can be a side effect...

Ya I know how you feel about not sleeping.. I remember staying up like three days straight because I was scared of the figure standing in the corner I don't see the shadow man (as I call whatever it is) as much as before just the little things moving around.

Some nights aren't as bad as others but can scare you crapless!!

I posted about mine yesterday!

i dont but is there a cure

No, at least I don't think so.

u should try to find one cuz sleep paralysis is really bad for u so its serious

See my response above :-) There IS a cure!!! Check out the website I mention in my above reply! ( On this website they not only give you the tools/information you need to get it under control (to STOP it), but if you're a skeptic (like I was) then the website also has a place where they've posted the stories (some people wrote letters regarding their experiences and how they stopped them using information provided on the website, others recorded podcasts or audio files of themselves talking about it, and some people even made short "You Tube" videos to share their personal stories) and HUNDREDS of people say they have successfully stopped these terrifying experiences in their own lives. These people are from completely different people, all from different parts the world, and totally different socio-economic backgrounds (rich, poor, everything in between) and all different ages, etc.... So the statistical probability that it's merely a "coincidence" for these people to all have success in stopping their SP using same methods is so low that it would be considered mathematically impossible. Anyways, check out the website and see for yourself!! :-) Good luck!!!

Actually, there IS a cure!! When researched this issue bc of frightening experiences I was having myself, I came across this website which tells you how to STOP these experiences! You can stop the actual experience while you're in the middle of having one, as well as stop them permanently so you'll never have another one!! Check out:
All the information you need to "cure" sleep paralysis is right there on the website, and it IS a legitimate cure!! But you don't even have to take my word for it, bc that website also has stories from HUNDREDS of people who have successfully STOPPED their own cases of sleep paralysis. Good Luck to you!!!!

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