Since I Can Remember Myself

Ive been suffering from sleep paralysis since i was a little kid..if not since i was born only i didnt know what it was until about 3 years ago. I dont remember my first episode because ive had so many... one was were i have woken up with my body totaly paralysed to look down at the edge of my bed and find that theres a small creature sitting there looking back at me. (from what ive been told it was a brownie)

needless to say i started hypervantilating like crazy and i just wanted to get my body back and jump out of bed but no i had to get the creature aware that i was able to see it and it jumped all over me before it jumped to the ground and dissapeared. About 30 secs later i was able to move again and i jumped up and turned the lights on..looked around and under my bed and found nothing...

And thats just the beggining....its hard sometimes because you're scared about going to sleep and wondering what you will experience still scares me to bits but ive realised that the more you fight it the worst it gets and the more tired you feel later...

lostsoul84 lostsoul84
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1 Response Mar 27, 2009

I have experienced this once when I was young but no-one believed me.