Why the ****, does Sleep Paralysis happen to me, I kid you not, woke up, couldn't move anything, except my eyes, my body was paralyzed, I couldn't see through my right eye, it felt like someone's or somethings hand, it was really strong, had my face pinned to the bed, I heard it whisper some sort of incantation into my right ear, i am freaked at this point, i get mobilization of my right arm, but the rest of my body is still paralyzed, i reach for the arm that's holding my face to the bed, it felt big and really hard and stiff like it was wedged to my face and neck, i panic begin to scream at it to let go, but nothing came out, only silence, i knew at this point i was stuck in sleep paralysis, but its been awhile and i have never experienced it quite like this, i think back to my old teachings of sleep paralysis, that wiggling your toes is a good way to break the wakened nightmare, i did for a few minutes, my eyes closed again then re-opened and the presence was gone, and i could move my body again, i feel like i was in a bad trip, wtf my hands are still shaking, i am never sleeping on my back again!!!
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that's a bad one lol. I also get the demons whispering crap I can't understand in my ear. what the hell, right? but it's been a good while since I've had one that vivid. mostly just some paralysis, a little trouble breathing, maybe some weird noises.

Yh it sounded like Latin or something, I can still hear now ringing in my head lol

I feel ya :(

I suffered with this since 2013 but it has now stopped i guess because I don't get them as frequent as I used to. I think its something psychological although it feels like its a ghost/demon. Maybe you were having a tough time or heavy stress?

I have had it all my life, but its never been as bad as that, it felt so real and horrifying, I did think I would ever move, until I found an inner strength deep inside me that allowed me to break free and regain control and maybe I don't know