my eyes are tired as hell and want to shut but my mind can't. I'm scared to see dark figures again :. I should get used to it, right?! But hell no! I'm really scared! (T__T)
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Dark figures are not real. You have to remember that, it's all a hallucination. You'll have control on eyes and breathing so close eyes and try to get up.

I have it all the time.

What helped me was closing my eyes when it happens and trying to scream and move about, I wake up then

also just before it happens, there's sort of a warning like a bell ring, or keys jingling and you can be aware of that and try to wake up.

also ,I told my mind I love it and not to give me any more of it and nowadays it doesn't happen much.

I also hear something and I thought to myself, okay here we go again...

Yup, so when you hear something. that's the moment you have to struggle and get up before the actual **** starts. You have some time.

See, I know about it (:
You wanna start a website to help people with sleep paralysis?

oh. uh I don't know. how would I do that? lol

first think of a website name.

which isn't taken already.

baliw talaga tong sira ulong ito ohh.. wag kang makikinig sa baliw na to.. minsan sinabihan ako nito na pakamatay na ako..

hahahah yaan mo na. Di ko na nga sinagot eh . Malay ko sa sinasabi nyan.

amfootah.... hmm nako nakakagigil yan eh..

hahahah easy :)

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try sleeping with a tv or lamp on. I found I rarely had sleep paralysis if my tv was on

yeah. I now leave the lights on

something about being nervous or afraid makes it worse. treat it like a lucid dream and if it gets bad just turn the dream off. you can do it if you stay calm.

Our school cleaner has same problem. She has black eyes. I was worried if she is sick. She said she sleep very little, about 3-4 hrs only everyday. She refuse to take meds to help her sleep.

Would a huggy make it better? ʕ/ ·ᴥ·ʔ/

well, maybe.. thanks :)