early this morning, before dawn, my bf came into our room and was shuffling around in our dresser. (he often falls asleep in the other room btw.) I thought this was unusual because he never gets up this early for work. then I realized I was feeling foggy.
I looked again and he was gone. hallucinated it.
I hate these sly episodes that seem real.
so I shook it off (I'm a sleep paralysis pro) and went back to sleep.
few minutes later my bf comes into our room and just stands there. he calls out "hello?"
okay, why would he even do that? lol it's his house! he knows who's here. again, I was hallucinating.. this could go on forever so I turned onto my stomach. very rarely do they continue after I do that. I have no idea why.
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Or maybe your bf really did enter your room and he was acting weird because he was the one who was hallucinating. Maybe your whole life is a dream that you awakened from.

I constantly doubt reality lol

That's interesting, I've never hallucinated. This makes me want to try a psychedelic.

I'd never take a hallucination. I've already seen what my mind can create lol. they're not always accompanied by seeing and hearing things, but you've never had an episode of sleep paralysis? ever woken up and couldn't move or felt like there was something on your chest?

Never ever, but I suspect it can be disturbing.

keep reading the experiences in this group.

At a glance it seems you frequent this page.

I came by a few days ago. I try to help

Have you ever had a lucid dream?

I have moments of lucidity. if things get scary I can stop them. make things go another way. or I wake up.

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