I've been suffering from anxiety problem, I don't remember since when. All I remember is that whenever I go to my university, I panic.. Even the idea of going there gives me the creep. Like, from tomorrow my classes are going to start, and I'm in home sitting in my couch and having palpitation! I'm even feeling feverish a bit and my heartbeat is going up. And I'm feeling so stupid. Why would I be scared of my own silly campus!? What type of moron I am!? When I was in my first semester, I thought it'd be automatically alright after few months..Few months! lol...It's been more than three years now! I still feel the same. Same anxiety, same palpitation, same bullsh!t. I'm sick and tired of this now. Won't it get better ever? When? After my graduation!? What if I feel the same about my office!?
LisbethTylerMorgan LisbethTylerMorgan
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

I understand its very confusing how why know the pain but can figure out to stop it even though this intimidation is self-induced. One thing that always helps is to seriously look at yourself in the mirror and role play talking to people. That way you will see how you really look when you anxious and eventually why confident. Helps to reassure you that there is no need to feel self-conscious as you look completely normal when calm and self-sufficient.