More Than Sorry

If I could only buy a bluebird, just to watch it fly away. I'd release it in the meadow, to let go of all the mistakes I have made.

If only loneliness was a bluebird, I could watch it fly away. And release my sheltered conscience, and all the hearts that I did break.

If only sorrow was a bluebird, I would let it fly away. I would help it soar through the valley, anything but let it stay.

If only pain was a bluebird, I would make it fly away, I would send it to the forest, to wait for me at my grave.

It seems that love is a bluebird, why do we let it fly away. More wanderlust than a minstrel, but a beautiful song it does play.

If only these words were a bluebird, would you watch it fly away. Would you say goodbye forever, or put them in your heart to save.
TheJudgernaut TheJudgernaut
31-35, M
Nov 1, 2012